Connecting iPad Keynote to iPhone 4S Keynote Remote via Bluetooth in iOS5

Keynote Remote iPad iPhone 4S

If you’ve tried to use Keynote Remote on your iPhone 4S to connect to an iPad 2 via bluetooth you’ve probably had issues. Wi-Fi works like a charm, but the Bluetooth connection is broken in iOS 5 on these devices. Until Apple updates Keynote Remote, there is a workaround. Read more

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Join Us for Open Studios Night on Fri, 6/3

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The Race Street Pier | A New Era for Philadelphia’s Waterfront

We couldn’t be more excited about Philadelphia’s newest park, the Race Street Pier, which opened last week on the Delaware waterfront. This beautiful, modern public space just south of the Ben Franklin Bridge is a true urban oasis and symbolizes the bright future ahead for the Delaware waterfront revitalization.
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Felt Media Logo Redesign

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After 7 years, it’s time to design a new Felt Media logo. This is the first step of our plan to roll out what we like to think of as “new everything”. For education (see how we work) and entertainment (we’re probably our own harshest client and critic), stay tuned as we post about the journey.

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Excellent timelapse video

Room with a view: 1 year of timelapses from hotel windows from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

One of our favorite hobbies is timelapse HD video, so it’s no surprise that Phillip Bloom’s project really brightened our morning.

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The Johnny Cash Project


In his final song “Ain’t No Grave”, Cash is memorialized by an ever changing community work of art where participants are invited to draw their own portrait of the Man in Black – one frame at a time. Read more

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Reverse Image Search (aka Where did this image come from?)

Illustration of United States by Serge Seidlitz

Great images can really put a pleasant pause on the day. You might wonder who created it? And can I purchase a copy or a print? This happened to me recently while Google Image searching “evolution of a rocket”. I quickly stumbled on a great tool that both casual browsers and designers will find handy. Read more

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Pardon Our Appearance…


We’re working on a nice new blog and testing out the code live while in development. Little by little, brick by brick – it’s coming soon. Read more

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New Zealand

In 2008 we unplugged and escaped the cold and blustery Philly winter by heading down under to Kiwi Country for a month. New Zealand is an insanely beautiful country with more geographical variety than anywhere else we’ve been. From tropical beaches to rugged snow-capped mountains, to glaciers and fjords to bubbling geothermal pits, it pretty much has it all. We covered a lot of territory on both the North and South islands and took a ridiculous amount of video footage and photographs. We tramped (that’s kiwi speak for hiked), kayaked, abseiled (rappelled) into a giant cave, explored the Waitomo underground,… Read more

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Who is Felt Media?

We are a full service design studio in the heart of Old City Philadelphia. We create websites, motion graphics, small and large scale print pieces and do lots of flash development, action-script and more. We do a lot of agency work but also work directly with our own clients. Felt Media was founded in 2004 by Jeff Hatcher and wife/partner Liv Hantho after returning to the east coast from 6 great years in the wild, wild west (aka San Francisco before, during and after the dot com boom). We have a vast network of dynamic, enterprising people with creative skills with whom we work on… Read more

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