Why are my Facebook Page Likes Disappearing?

The good news is that there’s a chance most of your recent unlikes have nothing to do with someone deciding they don’t like your product or service.

If your startup or small business Page has been losing qualified likes lately, you are not alone:


We recently started inviting close friends and family to our Page for MemLife (a private personal history app for family and friends), and within a few days, about 25% of our likes suddenly disappeared overnight. We reached out to close friends and family of those who disappeared and they all confirmed they did not unlike the Page.

Then, our own Page admin had her Like disappear! She re-liked it and it disappeared again – four times! So, we stopped trying to get likes and decided not to move ahead with daily paid advertising until the issue is resolved and/or clarified.

Why are the Likes disappearing?

The short answer is – no idea…yet. Our feeling is that Facebook algorithms should never unlike anything on someone’s behalf unless they are deceased or the account was cancelled (with some gray area and unique handling required for accounts that might be spam or hacked).

For those of us just getting started, this (bug?) makes the Facebook small business advertising platform look suspect—insight and transparency would be greatly appreciated.

Update: the issue has received acknowledgment from Facebook saying “We’re aware of the issue and will provide updates here” https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=10153773403915937

Has anyone seen this trend outside of newer pages and/or small business? Maybe your info could help Facebook resolve the problem.

Update #2: over the last several months this seems to have been resolved and was likely a negative side effect of Facebook proactively trying to filter out non-legitimate likes. We have stopped monitoring the issue and the links above are no longer available. Feel free to leave a comment if you believe you are still experiencing this issue.

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