Choosing a Dry Erase Whiteboard

A blank canvas. It’s an essential tool for any thinker, designer or planner and sometimes it’s all we need to get a new project started, or get one back on track. Sketch, make notes, flow some charts, erase…but wait, what’s all that marker crud all over my previously clean, white surface?!

We’ve had a bunch of different whiteboards over the years and now know that whether you’re outlining your next big project, or just like a nice clean surface every time, don’t cheap out on materials for this. You’re likely either getting organized, saving time or making income from the planning that happens on that surface. GO PORCELAIN! You won’t regret it.

We have the Quartet Porcelain Dry Erase Whiteboard (48″ x 96”) in our small conference room and use it daily whether it’s a meeting or just hashing out concepts. As a bonus, it’s magnetic.

The Expo Whiteboard Spray gives it a back-to-new surface every time and you’ll also want to pick up some extra Expo erasers and fun color markers.

This set has lasted us over a year and is still going strong. If I could, I’d put a porcelain whiteboard on every wall – as big as possible.

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