Cheap and Easy Way to Hang a TV on Drywall in Your Home or Office

If you’re looking to hang a smaller TV (~32”) on drywall and can’t go into wood or masonry, the key is in the bolts. For about $20 in materials and 30 minutes of time, you can get that screen up on drywall in a sturdy way.

These 1/4” Toggler bolts are easy to install and rated to hold up to 256 lbs in 1/2″ drywall:

The image shows a 10 pack – you’ll only need 2 for this Low Profile Wall Mount Bracket for LCD TVs, but they’re handy to have around the office or home.

This low profile TV mount works great, includes a small level on the mount and goes in with just two bolts! You might want an extra pair of hands when it comes time to hang the tube, but it’s doable with just one person.

Note: You’ll need a 1/2” drill bit to install the bolts.

Tip: If all of your ports and plugs are on the back of the TV, you might need some of these accessories:

Male to Female HDMI Port Saver Adapter – Swiveling

Co-ax Right Angle Female to Male Adapter

High Speed HDMI Male to Female Port Saver

HDMI Port Saver Male to Female – 90 Degree

This setup should be plenty stable and strong for office / low traffic areas, but use your own judgement about scaling up to larger TVs, or hanging it where kids could get at it. When possible, studs or masonry are still best, but these bolts are a great solution to hang your TV where you want it without being tied to the stud location or material.

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