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Setting a Budget for Your Alaskan Cruise

Alaska humpback whale breech
Our first cruise turned out to be an epic journey for our family, but it required careful planning to stay within budget. In hopes that others may benefit from some of that planning and prepare for the expenses ahead, here is the spreadsheet we used to estimate our Alaskan cruise expenses. In the end, we […]
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Choosing a Kid Friendly Alaskan Cruise: What We Learned

Alaska cruise boat
Disneyland…or something more adventurous? That was our dilemma. It’s been years since we traveled far and ultimately we chose adventure. An Alaskan Cruise. With a two year old. This brought up a lot of parental questions and concerns. We have realistic expectations about the amount of relaxing to be had anywhere when you travel with […]
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New Zealand

In 2008 we unplugged and escaped the cold and blustery Philly winter by heading down under to Kiwi Country for a month. New Zealand is an insanely beautiful country with more geographical variety than anywhere else we’ve been. From tropical beaches to rugged snow-capped mountains, to glaciers and fjords to bubbling geothermal pits, it pretty […]
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